06 March 2014

Love for Bébé Ricks

It's always an excellent day when you are able to celebrate a dear friend. Nancy (on the right) is having a baby boy in days from now.

I walked in with Hannah to a house in motion.  Charity was making beignets and folks were cutting fruit and mixing dishes.  The party organizers did an amazing job.  And the warm day was the prefect respite we needed from the bitter cold weather.

Jenica, Sunny and Kim catching up. Friends always look at me suspiciously when I have a camera in my hands.

The gracious host Mary with Nancy.  It was so much fun to see friends that I haven't seen for years and years. 


  1. Such a love fest! I heart these pics and my people too much! Thanks for the wonderful good times. Robs, course you were missed like craze! XOXO