18 March 2014

I Want To Be In NYC For All Of My Birthdays, Part 1

I got on a train in DC, got off at Penn Station and headed directly to the Gotham West Market to eat at the Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop.  The NY Times called it one of the best ramen in Manhattan and I haven't tasted all of the ramen in NYC but it was good.  I had the classic shio and added egg.  It was a nice "just got off the train, walked over a mile with a roller suitcase, and it's kind of cold outside" meal.

I met up with Brigham in Times Square to grab his keys so I could drop off my stuff.  I was so happy walking through Soho and seeing lots of these kinds of buildings.

I wandered up to Union Square and happened on the Bedford Cheese Shop on Irving Place.  I passed my old apartment walking there and it does make me a little sad.  I couldn't believe that I found my absolute favorite chocolate at the cheese shop - Xocolatl de David, a Portland-based company - and realized how good it is that I don't live anyway near there anymore.

Towards the end of the evening, I found myself around Lincoln Center and was reminded how beautiful it is.

Can you tell how much I love this city?

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