07 November 2012

Union Market and Voting in DC

Tomorrow I'm off to LA to celebrate the wedding of one of my favorite people.  I'm looking forward to seeing good friends and exploring more of LA (and eating lots of fish tacos).

But before I leave, I wanted to finish posting pictures from my very busy last Saturday.  In between the Puppet March and playing Scum, Phor and I met up to go to Union Market.  We were supposed to meet up at the National Gallery to see the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit but I first got in line to vote.  I had no idea that it would take so long or that DC would still not have any record of me since I registered over a month ago.  But I waited multiple hours and I felt an incredible sense of satisfaction when I walked out of that building.  I believe in being a participant in our democracy regardless of the arguments that my vote really doesn't count.  It's more about me doing what I can to make sure my voice is heard.

We finally met up and explored Union Market which opened up since I moved here.  It's an older market built in 1967 and someone came up with the great idea to make it something again.

Phor loved this chandelier made from plastic water bottles.

The market has received great reviews already for the Righteous Cheese Shop and the Rappahannock Oyster Bar.  I know there are plans to open at least one more restaurant and a bar.

Bread from Lyon Bakery.  Phor bought a cheese roll for 35 cents and was very pleased.

If there is Pumpkin ice cream, I will eat it.  It came from Trickling Springs Creamery and it is recommended.

The butcher with the Flying Pig. 

We shared korean tacos from TaKorean.  I like the ones from Korilla in NYC better but these are fine for what they are.

I'm looking forward to returning here often and checking out the new stores.  I did strongly recommend to the fruit/veg vendor that a chocolate vendor is very necessary for this location.

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