27 November 2012

Son of a Gun - Last Meal in LA

I really wanted to eat at Animal but I couldn't get reservations.  I've heard so much about that restaurant for the past few years that it was a disappointment.  Thank goodness Lauren and I were able to walk into Son of a Gun, same owners as Animal, right when it opened and were seated.

The menu changes daily and I was hoping that the above picture would be clear enough to read but not so much.  I'll try to work from memory which means I may be able to name the main ingredient.  

Both of us were feeling the need for vegetables.  I think I insisted on the kale salad which essentially was a Caesar salad but with kale.  It's funny to think that I had never had raw kale until maybe three years ago. 

I believe this was the trout crudo with peppers.  I liked the heat from the peppers.

This was my favorite - the fried chicken sandwich with spicy b&b pickle slaw.  This sandwich had me doing a little dance at the table.  It wasn't a very expressive dance since I had already knocked my water glass off the table and all over the shoes of the guy sitting at the table next to me.  I was so embarrassed but he was crazy gracious saying it was only water.  That type of graciousness is commendable.

I feel like this was pork cheek but I cannot remember.  But I think it was.

For dessert, we had the frozen lime yogurt, graham crumble and meringue.  It was good but not craveable. 

And this marks the end of my LA adventure.  Just a couple of observations -

Traffic in LA is as horrible as people make it out to be.
Airbnb completely failed me.  There is nothing worse than staying in a place that is dirty and unwelcoming.
The weather was a dream.
I can see why people want to live there.

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