14 November 2012

The Best Voltaggio Restaurant

Three major takeaways from my dining experiences in LA this past weekend.

1.  I found a new food friend in Lauren.  We both love brussels sprouts. 

2. All of the restaurants I visited in my short time there, I loved.

3.  Michael Voltaggio's restaurant ink is very good.  I don't like comparing it to his brother's restaurant Volt but I like it so much more.

Our view of the kitchen and Michael Voltaggio.

It was really difficult to decide what to order because everything looked delicious.  We started with the berkshire ham, manchego biscuit, with marcona almond butter.  This was a given since I want to eat manchego whenever I see it.

This dish is carrots with coconut ice and cardamom soil. 

Brussels sprouts, pig ears, lardo, and apple.  It was Lauren's first time eating pig ears.  I couldn't stop thinking of my French friend while eating them since this is exactly what he loves.  

Pork belly with pork rinds.  Very tender and delicious.

This photo does not do it justice at all but this was the corn porridge with homemade cool ranch doritos.  

A couple of the desserts looked amazing but we chose the apple, caramel, walnut with burnt wood ice cream.  It tasted like a campfire. 

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