03 November 2012

DC Pancakes

I've been going to Eastern Market for years.  Waking up way too early on a Saturday morning to stand in a very long line is just what a person does here to eat really good pancakes.

Today I was wise though because I met up with Jenica and Debbie when they were almost to the front of the line.

This is Jenica not being able to decide what she wants to eat.

I remember coming here in law school and the woman who took our orders would sing them to the kitchen.  She's not there any longer but nothing else has changed.

French toast above and blueberry pancakes below.

There are other things to be found in the market besides pancakes.

I took this picture for two reasons - a man in a kilt in 40 degree weather and the two young boys playing in the back.  They tried really hard.

Debbie needed a nap before our next stop in the morning.  More on that later.

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