15 November 2012

Bäco Mercat

If you ever find yourself in LA near the toy district, please go eat at Bäco Mercat.  I read about in a couple of best new restaurant lists of 2012 and it was the first reservation I made when I knew I was traveling to LA.

Lauren and I had the waiter choose our food.  We told him what we don't like and he brought the most delicious dishes.  I actually prefer going to restaurants that do this.  Phor and I had a really great experience at Annisa giving up control the same way.

I really did not have high hopes for this because it's a potato salad.  This salad was my favorite thing on the table hands down.  I just wish the sample online menu had this on it because I cannot remember what was in it.  

Brussels sprouts with pecorino, anchovy and garlic.  

A hamachi crudo with chile spice, avocado and a cheese fritter.

A bäco is a flatbread sandwich and the server said that he typically doesn't recommend that it be shared because it's messy.  But our goal was to try as much as possible so we split the toron which was oxtail hash, pickle, cheddar tater and horseradish.  Delicious.

We told the server yes to dessert and he brought out this amazing apple crisp with ice cream and cream.  He also brought out the banana cream pie rice pudding with chocolate graham cracker, whipped cream and sea salt.  We did not taste any banana.  It was cream on top of cream on top of rice pudding.  It was our only disappointment but not enough to not want to return.  Lauren has already texted me that she was going back Monday night.  She found her new LA favorite.

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  1. So I didn't actually make it back this week, because traffic to downtown was horrendous, but I did go to Pizzeria Mozza which has been on my list. The food was great and I fell in love with my waiter. I'll be back at Baco very soon though!