24 November 2012

Downtown LA

I know it's taken me a while now to cover the LA trip but a lot happened there and a lot has happened since.  I'm just trying to keep up with everything. 

After Baco Mercat, I wandered over to the Museum of Contemporary Art which is right by the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Frank Gehry's buildings do look somewhat similar but it's good that I like his style.  Walking toward this building really reminded me of going to the Guggenheim in Bilboa especially how each corner and curve became something new and beautiful through the lens of a camera.  It just so happened that the sky was really gorgeous the day I was there.

I've read about the relationship between the MOCA and the LACMA and it hasn't been all positive.  I only visited one of the three MOCA buildings but I wanted to see the permanent exhibit and I had already seen the other exhibits in other museums.

I like Rothko a lot.  I liked this room a lot.

I knew I would like this museum if only because these Giacometti's were the first art pieces I saw.

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