25 August 2014

France Adventure Day 9: Delicious Crêpes

We left Aix-en-Provence, returned the car at the airport in Marseille, ran into a miracle at the train station and stayed the night after eating a dinner of fruit and potato chips.  It was one of those nights.

We were so excited to return to Paris not because we were done with Provence but because we love Paris.  We specifically bought tickets on the express train but it broke so we barely moved for a very long time.  I was so relieved to finally get off the not fun train and check into our hotel.

I was not feeling that great (stupid allergies) but our time in Paris was limited so no rest for the sick.  We ran to Berthillon on the Île Saint-Louis so I could introduce the best ice cream to Meliss. 

We walked by Nortre Dame and headed to City Pharma on Saint Germain to buy lots of things we were told to buy here and here.  I couldn't believe the crowds but we slowly found the items.  I've been using them since I returned and there is a reason why they are recommended. 

We walked through Le Bon Marche but the perfumes were killing me (allergies).  It was not my best day.

I had read about all of these great restaurants that I really wanted to visit but the allergies made that just seem a waste of money.  But crêpes sounded like a good idea (a combination of bread, cheese and meat is rarely a bad idea).  I had read about West Country Girl and it didn't take reservations which was a big plus.  I was so happy to eat and the food was really good.

My favorite was the caramel apple pie crêpe which I still want to eat. It was one of those days that didn't start out that great but it always ends well in Paris.

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