19 August 2014

France Adventure Day 6: Carcassonne

You can imagine at what time a wedding dinner that begins at 11 pm finally ends.  I was very excited to fall into bed but not so much to wake up.  This was also day 1 of allergies for me.  I don't typically get allergies or at least like this.  I got to know French Pharmacies very well.  I really wasn't feeling all that great but there was no way that I was going to sleep the trip away. 

Meliss drove us a few hours to the east to Carcassonne.  This part of the trip was really difficult for us to plan as there are so many famous cities and sites to see in this part of France.  It helped though that my friends Nancy and Robert recommended the city and I wanted to see a medieval fortress.

It seemed impossible to take a photo of the complete fortress but the bits and pieces were still impressive. I couldn't stop looking at the sky that day.  The weather was nearly perfect for our entire trip apart from some rain that briefly fell when we were in Aix en Provence.

There is so much history in this city and it's worth reading about it.   Walking through the towers made me wish for that time machine to visit over the centuries.  It's impossible to really appreciate what life was like in this city among all the tourists and ice cream stores.

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