14 August 2014

France Adventure Day 4: More Chocolate Please

I woke up Friday morning and went running on the beach.  I wanted my Chariots of Fire moment.

I followed the beach toward the lighthouse and back.  It was a chilly, cloudy morning with very few people along the boardwalk which made it perfect for a run.

I kept running and came across a walk created by Napoleon with a Virgin on the Rock whic was installed as a token of gratitude by whalers who were saved from being shipwrecked by a light that emanated from this area.

We drove into Bayonne that afternoon with promises of chocolate and jamón.  We thankfully found both.  I just wish that I would have brought back more of the chocolate.

We wandered through the area that surrounds the Catedral Sainte-Marie de Bayona and stopped at every chocolate shop we saw. 

It was a lovely town but I was looking forward to returning to Biarritz.  We did that thing where you wander all over the city trying to find somewhere you want to eat dinner.  Neither of us were very excited for any of the options.  We were bordering on grouchiness when we found this little shop just about the beach that sold great salads which is exactly what we both wanted after all the chocolate.  We enjoyed our picnic on the beach.

A self portrait with our favorite chocolate store.

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