20 August 2014

France Adventure Day 7: Arles

I fell in love with Arles.  We couldn't decide where to visit in Provence but I wanted to see the settings for some of Van Goghs paintings.

The streets were so narrow but we finally parked the car and walked.

I still couldn't stop looking at the sky.  We immediately found the Place de la Republique and kind of ran through.  We really needed to find a bathroom.

Which we found after getting lost and finally finding the Espace Van Gogh which is the hospital where he stayed in December 1888 and again in January 1889.  He painted the garden in  Garden of the Hospital in Arles and the hospital in Ward of the Hospital in Arles.  The garden was gorgeous but impossible to capture in one photo and the sun caused a lot of shading.

We ate lunch here and saw lovely lavender pastries but we were too full to taste.

We walked back through the square and toward the Ampitheatre.  I know that Southern France is very close to Italy but it was still incredible how many Roman ruins still exist in the area.

We walked through an old church and I really liked the street art right below the church.

I convinced Meliss to go to the Necropolis because I do love cemeteries.  Van Gogh beautifully depicted the area in a pair of paintings called Les Alyscamps.

It was one of the most famous necropolises of the ancient world.  This was Arles' main burial ground for 1500 years, but mostly for the well-to-do.

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