17 August 2014

France Adventure Day 5: A Wedding

Meliss and I had planned on going somewhere spectacular in 2014.  The plan was to go to Australia until I received a Save the Date from JB for his wedding which got me thinking.  I asked Meliss if she was up to a trip to France and she is always up for a trip to France.  I was so excited to be able to see a very dear friend marry the love of his life.

But first we had to get out of our parking space in Biarritz.  You know when you kind of freak out because your rental is parked too close to a cement pillar and no matter how much you think you're moving it away from the pillar, you're actually moving it closer.  That was us.  Thankfully a staff member at the hotel drove tractors and she had absolutely no problem getting the car out of the spot.  It was the miracle we needed that day that made us feel really foolish.

Before we left though, we wanted to visit our favorite chocolate store in Biarritz and eat these incredibly delicious macarons and more chocolate.

We also stopped at the Halles to grab lunch and to look one last time at jamón. I found and bought dried figs which made me so very happy.

I drove to the Pyrennes and we saw gorgeous fairy tale-like scenery.  This was the perfect place to hold a wedding.  Lots of photos follow because everything deserved to be documented.

The marriage took place in the Hôtel de Ville where JB grew up.  The mayor performed the ceremony and even the city hall looked like it belonged in a fairy tale.

My friends and I got stuck in the building while the photos of the wedding party were being taken.  But we soon escaped and went to JB's family's home for the cocktail hour.  

I should have taken more photos but I was just amazed by the perfect setting and the music.

This is Madeline.  I took a lot of photos of her because she's fun to take photos of and also because she has an awesome Scottish-accent.

Our car got very lost on the way to the hotel where the dinner was taking place.  We arrived late but dinner hadn't started yet.  I learned that French wedding dinners do not begin until at least 11 pm.

The place settings were perfect and we lit sparklers when the newlyweds entered the room.

Madeline and I were goofing around just a little bit.

This dessert was delicious and gorgeous.

I am so excited for Maggie and JB. The wedding was gorgeous and the trip to France for it was completely worth it.

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