24 June 2013

Sweetlife Festival 2013

It's kind of wonderful when you text friends in NYC about a great lineup at Sweetlife, an all day festival in Maryland, and they immediately buy tickets.

The food options were very good.

The return of certain 90s trends not so good.

Ty's excitement over the Yeah Yeah Yeahs very good.

Karen O was amazing.

Not pictured is a couple standing next to me having sex - not amazing at all.

My NYC friends always great.  So was Phor but not pictured.

Passion Pit so much fun.

And Phoenix also great.

Especially when Thomas Mars is on stage and then all of a sudden he is singing directly in front of us.

Other highlights - Gary Clark Jr and Haerts.  And the pavilion that kept us dry from the pouring rain.


  1. hold the phone... STANDING next to you and having sex in a crowd!? that is crazy! as in crazy gross!

    1. YES. Really. I had confirmation from Phor that I wasn't imagining things. I tried to publicly shame them to stop but it didn't work.

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