25 June 2013

Le Diplomate

I was nervous about finding a brunch spot on Mother's Day for us since I hadn't booked anything in advance.  We decided to go to Pearl Dive as they don't take reservations but as we were waiting for it to open, I saw Le Diplomate across the street and we decided to at least see if it was possible to be seated.  Le Diplomate opened a few weeks prior and I had been wanting to visit but I kept hearing how crowded it was.  I've been a fan of Stephen Starr restaurants after visiting Buddakan and Morimoto in Philadelphia years earlier and there is a reason why his restaurants are so popular.  He creates an entire experience and the food always delivers.

Unfortunately, Leslie had to leave the night before but Ty and Trish were able to stay for Sunday.

We were seated in the patio after maybe a 10 minute wait and it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be for Mother's Day.

Started with the cheese board paired with lots of fruit/nut choices.  

I was really happy with my Gruyere omelette with herbs and a side of bacon. 

We were all taken with the decor and the food.  I love photos of Ty and Trish and being in photos that they take.  I have very talented friends.

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