15 June 2013

A Wedding

Saturday morning was the entire reason for my trip to LA.  There is something really grand about seeing a dear friend get married to the love of his life.  And I was able to see friends that I was with during the first year of living in NYC.

Jared and Brigham checking out stuff on a phone.  I tried to get a good photo of the three of them but the best because of a strange look on one face was the one of all of them wearing Jeff's socks.

After the marriage, we waited outside the temple for Mallory and Collin and when they did, we cheered.  

This is the best photo bomb of the day.

I ran off with Jared, Brig and Jeff to grab food at a Mexican place down the street and then joined up with the wedding party at a nearby park.

The park was also the location for a dog obstacle course which was kind of amazing to watch.  I had no idea that this existed and very kind people came over to tell us how it all works.  They were pretty surprised to find such formally clad observers in their midst.

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