13 June 2013


I get so much joy out of figuring out where to eat when I travel.  I plan it weeks in advance and it's something I can't wait to think about.  I love it even more when I can share these discoveries with friends.  Lauren and I discussed our options and decided on Picca for my second night in LA.  I had never eaten Peruvian food before and that's a mistake.  There were so many foods on this menu that I want to eat all the time like sweet potatoes, duck, fried banana, and bacon that it was difficult to order.  I believe one or two of these dishes were specials that I forgot to write down but I remember most of them. 

Ceviche Crocante - halibut, leche de tigre, crispy calamari.  Lauren loved this dish. 

Anticucho Diver Scallops - aji amarillo aioli, wasabi peas.  I liked the spiciness from the peas.

And this is the dish that I cannot name.  

Seco de Pato - crispy braised duck leg, peruvian beer sauce, cilantro rice.  I really wanted to like this more but it just didn't happen for me.  It wasn't seasoned very well which we mentioned to the server but nothing happened.  

Locro De Quinoa - quinoa pumpkin stew, fried egg, choclo, parmesan, crispy tomato.  My favorite from the night but it's not a surprise when it includes pumpkin.

We ended the night at the Griffith Observatory which I had never visited.  I've seen it in Rebel Without A Cause which is good if only to see James Dean.  Another friend from LA warned me to be careful in the park as she remembers it as being a not friendly area but we were surrounded by tourists and locals enjoying the amazing view of LA.  Everyone wants to see a city from up high.

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