31 March 2012

Marie Antoinette & Peter Pan

The Wallace Collection is a museum in a London town house that is a perfect balance between objects in a galleries and decorated rooms mostly from a private collection.  May and Joe spoke highly of it so I made my over there. 


A very beautiful portrait of Queen Victoria.  I love the colors that are used in the rooms.

This is Francesca da Rimini from Dante's Inferno by Ary Scheffer.  I was captivated by the painting - the beauty and the subject.

At both here and the Leighton House, I was drawn to the chandeliers.  

This room contained the most pieces of furniture owned by Marie Antoinette outside of Versailles.

After the museum, I took advantage of the sunny day and walked through Hyde Park.  I didn't see anyone at Speaker's Corner but I found some fun statues.

This one looks like the British candy Jelly Babies.

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in the park.

I saw the sign pointing me to the Peter Pan statue and I finally found it after a long walk.  I wish you could see all of the details of the base but I think you can still find rabbits, mermaids and Wendy.

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