25 March 2012

Eating Duffins on Maltby Street

I was on a forced sabbatical from the blog as I don't have a laptop and I was traveling these past 10 days.  It was a trip that was on and off again for a while and I really didn't know that I was going until the day before I left.  Luckily, I have very good friends who are very gracious and flexible with their time and space and allowed me to visit.

I arrived in London on Friday night and I will from now on travel to Europe during the day.  It made life so much better once I arrived to just crawl into bed.  I arrived at May and Joe's in London, had a lovely chat and then fell right to sleep.  I woke up the next morning, ran through Regent's Park and then went with May to Maltby Street Market.  It's a market that I just happened to find in an article on things to do in London.  I'd already been to Borough Market and wanted to try something new.

It took a while for us to find it but thank goodness May perseveres as I loved what we found.

Our first stop was Bea's at Maltby Street.  The shop is also known as Bea's of Bloomsbury and May was familiar with it at that location.  This is where they do all of their baking.  May vouched for how good they are and I first ordered the duffin.  Yes, the duffin. 

It's the best parts of a muffin and a doughnut.  I bought one and we were both impressed enough to return to buy another and I also bought banana bread for a snack later in the day.

We kept walking and we found this great cheese and meat shop.  If I lived in London, I would have bought the cheese.

Another great purchase is this mild drinking chocolate from Columbia.  At first neither of us were interested and then we tasted it.  May ended up buying it.  I loved the informality of the market.  People gathered around the different vendors, drank wine and beer, ate cheese and meats, and enjoyed the very nice Saturday.

I recommend this market as it's not at all as crowded as Borough Market.  It is also smaller but it is nice to have a lot of space to wander and take in all of the vendors.

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  1. I need to stop reading your blog. I'm getting really hungry. Every post is making me not want to go to the gym but stuff my face with chocolates and delicacies. Gorgeous pictures on all of your posts! Love how you capture the moment.