11 March 2012

March 8th is a Special Day

One reason is because my grandparents were married on March 8, 1927 and were married for over 50 years.  March 8 is also International Women's Day.  I like that National Women's Day was first created in the USA in 1909 before it went international (or at least that is how the history reads).

It is also the day I was born.  And we celebrate in NYC by boarding the 7 train and traveling to Woodside, Queens to eat at the best Thai restaurant in these parts - SriPraPhai.   I order lots of Thai food and then we eat until we can't eat. 

The first year was a small but wonderful group.  I think the only person who has been able to celebrate all three years with me is Brigham.  He calls it the Best Dinner of the Year and I agree. 

2010 was a very good year.

2011 was a very large year.  There were over 20 people there and we took over the front of the restaurant.  There was much joy.

2012 was a funny year.  I didn't take any pictures while at the dinner.  It was a bittersweet birthday because I was really sad from losing my dad 5 months ago.  But the tradition must go on.  I did take one picture of the best kind of birthday cake - sticky rice and mango.  I asked the waitress to bring 6 plates because there were 13 people.  The waitress refused to believe that we could eat all of the orders insisting that I could not return any of them if they went uneaten.  She even brought me out an example to prove how much food was on one plate.  I insisted 6 plates was the perfect amount and yet they only brought out 4 plates.  People who have lived in Thailand will understand this story very well.

On my birthday I also discovered my new favorite chocolate which is made in Paris - Comptoir de Cacao.  The salted caramel bar is an epiphany.  It is sold at the Chelsea Basket store in the Chelsea Market.  Please buy it.

I also wanted to show some of my favorite birthday presents ever.  They all happen to be created by my friends.  Jess Ecker gave me this wonderful gift.  I went to one of her shows recently and saw this book and loved it.  She read my mind.

When the book is opened, it's a series of prints called the 9 Stages.  They are each gorgeous in detail.

Other birthday gifts hanging on my walls include this one from Adam.   It's a print called Lint In My Pocket.

Ty Mecham took this picture in Paris when we were at the Sacré Cœur.  He captured a perfect moment and I love owning one of his photos.

Ben Howell created these objects and gave them to me but not on my birthday.  I still wanted to include them because they are very cool.

And this photo is from Todd.  I think he was at Portobello Road in London and captured a beautiful moment. 

I love having talented friends.


  1. So glad you have such great friends! That salted caramel looks amazing! The next time I see you I want to eat that Thai dessert!

  2. I looked for the salted caramel chocolate but I think they already sold out! Thai dinner was lovely...thank you for sharing your birthday with all of us.