13 March 2012

little serow

Phor told me about a new Thai restaurant that opened in DC by the chef at Komi, Johnny Monis.  The trick is getting a table since they do not take reservations and there are only 28 seats available.  We really wanted to eat there for one of my pre-birthday meals so we arrived at 4:30 pm to stand in line until it opened at 5:30 pm.  We were number 11 and 12 in line and the wait was not that bad on an unusually warm day in March.

The menu at Little Serow changes weekly although some dishes rotate frequently.  One of the servers told us that Johnny traveled through Thailand with his wife and learned how to make the food.  He serves a seven course meal for $45 with absolutely no substitutions.  Overall, it's incredible food.  It's Isaan food which means there are not a lot of rice and noodle dishes that Americans are accustomed to in Thai food.  The food is well worth the wait and I'm looking forward to going again.

The line forming behind us.  If you can't get the first seating, you can leave your phone number and they'll text you when to come to the restaurant.  It seems like they only have 3 seatings a night.

The inside of the restaurant.  It's dark but you can make out the very Miami green walls and the communal table.  We opted for one of the four tables for 2 in the restaurant.  Johnny was in the kitchen preparing the food the whole time we were there.

I ordered a Salted Key Lime Soda and it was delicious.  A perfect combination between the salty, sweet and sour that complemented Thai food.  

The first course was a nam prik makheua - eggplant / crispy pork skin / shrimp paste.  They also brought this lovely dish of cucumbers, endive, herbs, lettuces to accompany the meal.

The second course was ma hor - sour fruit / dried shrimp / palm sugar. 

The third course was laap pla duk - catfish / shallots / sawtooth.  I found it too salty but it was a nice complement with the sour fruit on the ma hor.

The fourth course is a take on one of my favorite Thai dishes that is usually served with beef.  This was nam tok tow hu - tofu / mint / rice powder.  I guess this dish can be called tofu waterfall.  Still mighty tasty even without beef. 

This was one of my favorites.  It's called sai oua - herbal sausage / salted duck egg / relish.

This is khao soi - chicken / fresh tumeric / pickled garlic.  Another great dish and I feel like the dishes increased in deliciousness as the night progressed.  I had never eaten this before but Phor was familiar with it from Thailand.

And this was incredible - si krong muu - pork ribs / Mekhong whiskey / dill.  It was hard to eat because I was so full but I made room.

And we ended the meal with a sticky rice coconut milk bite.  I'm looking forward to taking some NYC friends here when they come to visit in a few months.

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