15 May 2014

My Friend the Comic

Sometimes I receive a text from a friend at 6 pm on a Saturday night asking if I want to attend a Ball that night.  And of course I say yes.  I then frantically search through my clothes for anything to wear until I realize that no one will really care what I'm wearing.  I'm not famous.

My friend Ryan was in town a couple of months ago to perform at the Leukemia Ball.  I didn't realize how big of a deal it was until I arrived and saw a massive room full of people laughing at Ryan's performance.  I loved it even more because I hung out with him in the green room and walked with him through the kitchen to the stage.  I like seeing how the famous people live.

This was my first time seeing him perform and he's really funny.  There's something kind of incredible about watching a friend succeed at doing something that I cannot even conceive of doing.

We stuck around to watch Huey Lewis and the News perform all of the great 80s hits that I forgot I knew.

Ryan was just on Conan last week.  It's worth watching.

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