12 May 2014

Cookbook Club - Love for Julia Child

The directive in March was any recipe from Julia Child.  And to wear pearls.

Jocelyn hosted a lunch on our first perfect day of 2014.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day that I can still remember two months later because it was that perfect.

It was a smaller group than usual but it was just a reminder that it doesn't take that much food to make a very good meal.

I made the herb biscuits (below) which were easy and delicious.  The recipe can be found here.  They were flaky and very tasty.  May liked my idea of bringing bread and changed her mind from a shrimp dish to the cheese puffs (above).  An excellent idea as she confirmed that they aren't that difficult to make either.

Jenica made a puree of rice and turnips.  I was a little wary of it but it was a nice mixture.  And it went very well with the chicken and mushroom dish that Jocelyn made.

Anne completely awed us with a chocolate almond cake.  So rich and delicious.  Recipe can be found here.

I left here to go to a birthday party for a very cute 1 year old.   And the day wasn't even close to being done but more on that later.

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