06 May 2014

A French Food Dream in DC

One of my favorite birthday traditions is being able to celebrate mine and Karen's birthdays together. We've been doing this every year since our first year in law school - sometimes in NYC but mostly in DC - and I've written about it here.  I was so very happy that we were able to eat at Marcel's which was new to both of us.

I've walked by the restaurant countless times especially when I lived in Foggy Bottom.  It's nice to finally see what's behind the door.  The lighting is low and it's a very formal dining room.  It was not a beautiful space but it was exactly what it should be.

We had an option to order between 4 - 7 courses and we both agreed that 4 courses would be plenty.  The food was rich and delicious.  This is a restaurant that I recommend especially for special occasions.  Everything worked perfectly.

I was specifically pleased with the duck breast, braised salsify, duck confit, chocolate and brandied cherries.  It had that rich fruit taste that I love with duck.

And also with the lamb chops with smoked mozzarella polenta cake and cumin lamb jus.  March was still very cold in DC and the heavy dishes were my comfort food.

There something really wonderful about celebrating my birthday with one of my dearest friends.  I love that we get to celebrate together and also enjoy the little touches from the restaurant.  I can't remember my dessert course but I believe it involved chocolate and caramel.  I ate all of it and was very content.

Now I'm done with posting about my awesome 2014 birthday celebration that went on for a few weeks.

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