07 September 2014

A New Jersey BBQ

I meant to stay in NYC over the weekend once I returned from Paris but my allergies dissipated that desire pretty quickly.  But I knew I was returning the next weekend as Nick and Whitney were in town from Singapore and it had been a year since I last saw them.

I love these two a great deal and I'm excited to meet their new baby daughter when they return to the States someday.  Moving to DC made me realize that seeing friends if only for a few hours is worth the time and money when they aren't that far away.  And this was a quick trip.  I came up Saturday morning and left Monday afternoon.  I wanted to see everyone and eat everything.

The traveling was during the World Cup and thank goodness for Twitter to keep me posted on the games. It was a good year for games.  No one was really sure who would take the championship and I liked that.

I arrived in New Jersey where Nick picked me up for a BBQ with Whit's family.  There were a couple of us including Trish who traveled to the suburbs to see them.

I really didn't take too many photos except of this little boy who loved drawing with crayons on my legs.  I wished the crayon markings had actually transferred.

Nick and Whitney and a really good blueberry pie we ate that night.  None of us were hungry for it but we had to order it.

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