12 September 2014

My Monday in NYC

I think I wrote earlier that this was a very short trip but I did stick around through Monday thank goodness.  I always need at least a full 48 hours in the city.

Right around the corner from Uncle Boons is this place which I knew would live up to expectations.  The same folks that own Mile End and Mile End Delicatessen opened Black Seed to spotlight Montreal bagels. Who knew they were worth an entire shop? They've started serving egg sandwiches since my visit and also bagel pizzas but only from 10 pm to 4 am on specific days.  I will return for an egg sandwich.

Yes it was early before 10 am but I believe all good ice cream shops open at 8 am.  So many reasons to love Morgensterns.  This could be an "every visit to NYC must" kind of place.  Today's flavors were chocolate oat (love) and sesame caramel.

Any photos of the actual exhibit were strictly forbidden but I loved Charles James.  Absolutely gorgeous dresses that had the architecture to be studied and honored. He was a genius.

I also stopped in the Garry Winogrand exhibit that is closing later this month.  I walked into a group of experts discussing the legacy of Winogrand.  Regardless of their decision, a very worthwhile exhibit of an artist who took very good street photos.

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