17 September 2014

David Mitchell

You know those books you recommend to all of your friends because you love them so much.  I actually have two - East of Eden by Steinbeck and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.  I quickly tell friends that the latter is much better than the movie and it's a book that you'll catch yourself thinking about years after reading it.

I was looking forward to seeing Mitchell tonight read from his new novel The Bone Clocks because there aren't too many living authors that I love like him. 

I wish I was a better writer to explain why I read his books but it's really about entering a world that I want to know more about and be apart of.  I'm excited by the stories he tells and how his characters seem real to me.  His imagination surprises me and I crave those surprises.

So this post is about seeing him read from his novel if possible but more about reading an author that writes unique and compelling stories.

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