13 April 2014

One of My Favorite Places in Paris, Now in NYC

I was so excited to hear about the opening of Dover Street Market in NYC because it meant Rose Bakery would be that much nearer to me.  I fell in love with the bakery back in 2010 on a trip to Paris and I've tried to replicate some of the recipes from the cookbook - Rose Bakery Breakfast - Lunch - Tea - but it's so much better when it's already made for you.

I attended another Soul Cycle class my last day in NYC and it was fine.  It didn't excite me as much as my first class but that often happens with different instructors.  I chilled with Brig for a little while and headed out to Kip's Bay to the market.  I've walked through Dover Street Market in London and it's a beautiful store but this trip was about the bakery.

I arrived right when it opened, sat down and then felt that little embarrassment when you're alone and the only customer in the place.  I didn't take too many photos.  The kitchen staff were bringing out the baked goods while I was sitting there and everything looked so very good.  I knew I was leaving with something to eat on the train ride home.

I ordered the eggs and toast.  I love that it was served with Marmite which I did not open. I've tried it before and it doesn't taste good to me at all.  The fruit salad was a simple salad of citrus fruits but it was such a good fruit salad. Another example of how the simple things are often the best things.

I walked out with a chocolate chip walnut cookie which I think is the best one in the city I've had and I've tried a lot.  I was told that they only have one type of cookie at a time and they alternate it with chocolate chip peanut butter. 

I walked around the city and later met up with Ty and Brigham for a late lunch at Han Dynasty.  We tried to eat ssäm at Momofuku Ssäm Bar but it was closed for a private event.  Private events are never convenient.

I caught the train home and it was nice to walk into my own apartment but I always miss my friends in NYC.

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