13 February 2014

Cookbook Club - Bubby's

January was a very cold month and my computer is by a cold window.  Sitting here became my least favorite thing to do but I missed updating.

This happened way back in December but I still remember the variety and amount of food.  Anne had a difficult time trying to figure out the cookbook for her month.  At first it was a cookie exchange but then she wanted to explore one cookbook.  She found Bubby's new book online and I told her that it is a delicious restaurant in NYC known especially for their pancakes.  She was sold on that idea.

Anne made these incredible flowers.  I couldn't believe they were handmade. I have very crafty friends.

This was the largest group of the cookbook club that we've had yet.  This just meant that much more food to eat.  We all stuffed ourselves but the food was so good that we didn't want to stop eating.

Jenica made this Fruity Clafouti which may have been my favorite dish that day.  It's like a giant pancake with fruit and powdered sugar.  It was still warm and pretty perfect.

Anne made the fruit salad and the accompanying poppy seed dressing.  We were kind of surprised that there were onions in the dressing but they were not noticeable.  

Kate made these sour cream pancakes with the fruit compote (below).  The compote had raisins and I still thought it was delicious.  Bubby's pancakes are still that good even made from the cookbook.

My second favorite was this Bacon and Cheese Bread Pudding from Tara that was made with about one pound of butter.  It tasted as good as you think it would taste.

May made the Apple Streusel Coffee Cake which was also delicious.  You're probably seeing the theme here that everything was delicious.

And finally some green vegetables - Jocelyn made the Roasted Asparagus and Leek Frittata. 

I made the Whole Wheat, Spinach and Cheese Scones.  I liked them but they were a little salty.  I also liked cooking with whole wheat flour as I've been using it more in my everyday baking now that it's in my cupboard.  It's a nice change from the usual and I feel little healthier when I use it.

So very much food, right?!  But that's not everything.

Megan made Heuvos Rancheros and stood in the kitchen making each of our eggs.  Again, delicious. We had such a great variety between savory, sweet, and spicy brunch dishes.

And the food looked a lot like it did in the book.  We all came out fans of the book.  We also are learning and bringing lots of tupperware to take home leftovers. 

Today:  Wish your lady friends a Happy Galentine's Day. This is definitely my favorite made up holiday as I think there should be more days to celebrate friendship.

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