20 February 2014

Christmas for the Rich

Way back in December, Jenica and I stopped by the Hillwood Estate to check out what it looks like at Christmas.  I had been there before (recommended reading if you're not familiar with the house) but I wanted to see it all dressed up.

I love her corner of portraits.  So many beautiful women in white dresses.

This is on her bedroom door to be used when it's just not appropriate to knock.

The view coming down the stairs.

The best part was finding the pet cemetery that I completely missed the last time I visited.  I loved the names of her dogs - Lady Patricia but she was known as Patsy.

And then a complete change of pace - we went to the LDS Temple and walked through the Nativities of the World exhibit.  Pretty incredible but New Zealand's was made from shells!  It obviously won my heart.

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