12 March 2013

It took us 2x

I loved my NYC weekend.  I saw beautiful friends, ate beautiful food and bought beautiful things.  Someone told me that for me returning to NYC was like seeing my ex-boyfriend - we know each other too well but we're not sure how to react to each other.  I just kind of dove in and didn't think about how much I miss it.  I like a birthday where I don't consider the consequences.

I got off the train in Penn Station and ran down to Little Italy to meet up with Brigham and to drop off my bag.  Brig has had a rough week that he may or may not discuss on his blog but I was just really happy to see him.  Our goal was to eat at Mission Chinese at long last.  We tried to go back in December but the restaurant was closed for a private function.  We arrived this time and they wouldn't even put our name on a list as it was too full.  We took advantage of ordering food to go and went off to find dessert.  But I did see Danny Bowein, the owner/chef, in the kitchen which was fun.

Brig led me to il laboratorio del gelato where I had peanut butter and vanilla chocolate chip.  I've been obsessed with peanut butter sweets lately.

We ran back to the restaurant, picked up our food and headed back to Little Italy. People have been going crazy for Mission Chinese since it opened in NYC.  I visited the original in SF in Oct 2011 and wasn't too happy as I found hair in my food.  I dragged my feet eating at the NYC place but I needed to see if it was any better when it was hairless.  We ordered Tiger Vegetable Salad, Tingly Smoked Chicken, Broccoli Beef Brisket and Thrice Cooked Bacon.  I liked the last dish the absolute best and everything was fine but not David Chang amazing.  Now I know where I need to spend my time in NYC.

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  1. Dinner might not have knocked our socks off, but as leftovers they had me smacking the table in delight. The brisket and broccoli just needs a night for the flavors to meld or something.