03 March 2013

Ai Weiwei

Seeing the documentary, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, was a needed introduction to the artist before seeing his exhibit at the Hirshhorn.  It gives context to his art and the environment he functions in. The exhibit closed last weekend but it will be in Brooklyn in 2014.

Before we walked over to the Hirshhorn, we ate at the Garden Cafe in the National Gallery of Art.  I've been wanting to go there since January because Cathal Armstrong from Restaurant Eve designed the menu around the current Pre-Raphaelite exhibit.  It's very good and I highly recommend it.  No pictures there but I did love the flowers in that museum.

We walked over to the Hirshhorn and I took a picture of my zodiac animal - the rabbit - that Weiwei designed and stands in the center of the museum.

I don't know how I feel about Weiwei's art but I know that he is putting his life in peril because of what he's trying to do.  I have enormous respect for his endeavor to collect the names of every child who was killed in the Sichuan earthquake because the government refused to release that information to the public.  Every victim deserves to be given a name.

I love these sculptures outside of the Hirshhorn and I forgot to write down the name and artist.  I feel like they are conspiring but I really love how plush you think they would feel.

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