07 March 2013

Cranium Forever

I have some amazing memories of playing Cranium with my family at Christmas time and I think I'm always trying to replicate those memories.  I've come close a few times especially playing with Kris and acting out lava lamp.  I love having fallen into a group of friends in DC who equally love board games.  And when I mentioned my desire to play Cranium, Hannah was right there with me.  She even brought her super special difficult version since she already mastered the first version.

We always start off game night standing around the kitchen eating really good food.  I made these pork meatballs that I'm now crazy about as they contain ricotta and pancetta.  Jenica brought these amazing lemon pesto veggie dip and Robbie made guacamole (no leftovers).  Thankfully Anne brought the tray of Ghirardelli brownies that we all kind of attacked.

This is what the special version of Cranium looks like.  Beyond how it looks, they are also new challenges like spelling a word backwards as a team (opens up the possibility to hate your teammates more) and something called Sideshow which is essentially playing puppet master to a teammate to act out charades.

Sideshow demonstrated by Robbie and Hannah.  We all guessed Lumberjack except for their team members. 

Thankfully clay creation is still part of the game.

We finished it with Apples to Apples.  I won again.  I was on the losing team in Cranium so this helped a little.

I'm off to NYC today for my birthday weekend.  Let me know DC friends if you want me to bring you back anything.

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