05 February 2013

Super Bowl 2013

I didn't realize how excited I would be for this years Super Bowl until I started watching the 49ers in postseason games.  I forgot how much I love them as I was taught to do from a young age.  The pie party had been planned long before I realized all of this but I just invited everyone back over the next night to watch the game.

I used food though to get them over.  I saw an ad from Murray's Cheese in NYC about buying a cheese basket specifically for a Super Bowl party.  I told people I would do this and most of them said they would come over.  But it was when I told them I would make Short Rib Chili Nachos that the undecided gave a definite yes.

I had seen this recipe in the NY Times and it looked incredible.

The recipe was not that difficult to follow but it took time.  I also was smoked out my home after charring the jalapenos and onions.  It took a long time for the smoke to clear out.

But the effort was completely worth it.  And because I made it, I didn't have to put any cilantro on it.  Winner.

The cheese tray was also there as promised.  Dana brought the MD cheese and I bought the CA cheeses.  We also had lots of pie to eat but they looked much prettier the night before.

I loved how Nancy and Hannah were focused on knitting hats for hospitalized children.  I felt very crafty watching them.

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