28 February 2013

High Tea

I wanted to spend time with Karen pre-baby arriving and she thought of the lovely idea of going to afternoon tea somewhere in DC.  She also knows me well enough to choose a location that is better known for its sweets than its tea.  We met up at the Mandarin Oriental which had a really nice selection of desserts.  

There is something very romantic about high tea or maybe it's because I associate it with the British and their traditions.  I have some really nice memories of afternoon tea in the Pump Room in Bath or in various locations in London.  I probably make a bigger deal out of it being an American but it's a really nice way to spend an afternoon with friends.

The lighting was not the best for photos but I did get this one of Karen.  I'm hoping we will make it out for our annual birthday dinner before the baby is born.

It's nice to do the unexpected sometimes.

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