03 February 2013

Pie Only Invites Funny Times

I've been known to throw a good pie party in the past.  It was mostly because Hillary and I really wanted to make pies and then it just got crazy when everyone wanted to make a pie.  And then eat the pie.

Pie Party I

I love seeing people from the past.  It was one of those things to do on a Sunday night.

Pie Party II

It may look like the same party but this time we learned the need to identify the pies.

Pie Party III

I wanted to bring back the fun.  And the pies were incredible - chocolate coconut, lemon tart, chocolate, blueberry almond, and chocolate silk.  I also tried to make a salted caramel banana pudding pie.  The caramel didn't set like it was supposed to so it was more like a pudding.  Regardless, delicious.

The moment of calm before Catchphrase was pulled out but because there were an odd number of people, we created our own rules. 

It all concluded with Kim and Nancy having one of the funniest interactions yet.  We have no idea who won because we were all laughing so hard that we did not hear the buzzer.

All of us on the ground laughing really hard.

PS.  The chocolate silk pie on page 222 in the Smitten Kitchen cookbook is incredible.

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  1. I miss my DC friends! Glad to see you all having such a great time.