12 January 2015

The Joy of Austin

You know when your life is changing in a pretty big way but you have this trip that you planned months previously and you equally want to go and not want to go?  And you are also hoping that your anxiety won't become an issue for yourself and others around you.  Welcome to my life in September.  Thankfully, I had Amber waiting for me in Austin which made it the kind of trip I'm so happy I took.

I had been craving breakfast tacos so much that this was almost our first stop in Austin - Veracruz All Natural. So perfect.

The best kind of advertising.

Just hanging out with trucks in Texas.

The wonders of Target - cereal from our childhood and shelves of pumpkin Oreo's which are delicious.

Amber's cereal of choice.

Welcome to the Alamo!!  I just wanted to look at the sky all day long and all of the random animals we saw on our drive home from San Antonio.

Goofy ballerina pose in front of the San Antonio temple.  A woman in the bathroom was using essential oils to cure headaches and other ailments.  My worst nightmare is smelling patchouli in a room with no escape.

We met up with Johnny to wait under twinkly lights to eat at Thai-kun.  This was the kind of Thai food that reminded me absolutely of Bangkok and made me so happy.  I don't remember all of the dishes but they had khao man gai which really needs to be at every Thai restaurant because it's that good.

I read about this man in Austin who made such good gelato that he was the only American invited to compete in a gelato contest in Italy.  We also went there.  It's called Teo.


  1. I loved reminiscing with this post! My mouth is still hurting from Thai-kun, though. Maybe I won't go back until you visit again. . .

  2. Gelato! Tacos! Thai! You just need a picture of a Doughnut to complete the perfection!