14 July 2014

Wildlife in West Virginia

I left for France on 10 June and I've been back for a couple of weeks but it's been tough to want to resume life as normal.  I came back with horrible allergies, jet lag, a major craving for French chocolate and contentment.  I felt fine when I needed to fall asleep at 6 pm from exhaustion.  I was happy.  That bubble burst last week but it's a big reminder how much I really love traveling (especially with a friend that I love dearly).

Before I start talking about France, there are a few events that I don't want to forget about.  I gathered a group to hike Harpers Ferry in West VA at the end of May.  I had no idea what to expect but we chose the most difficult and longest hike possible and just went.

The day was gorgeous and not too hot.

Jane and Athelia - we were probably talking about how much we love avocados.

Debbie and Jane posing on the rocks.

We had just ate lunch and I was commenting to Anne (a friend I hadn't seen in years) that we hadn't seen any wildlife beyond bugs.  All of a sudden I saw this deer leap out of the forest.


I also really loved the hike because it was a civil war battle site.  I had no idea but there were markers all over showing how much equipment the soldiers brought up the mountain.  Again, simply amazed by what was possible.

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