21 July 2014

France Adventure Day 2: I Love Paris Especially When I'm Sleep Deprived

I finally arrived in Paris around noon and went straight to the hotel.  I had that I kind of slept but I'm still not really alive feeling.  I was just so happy to check in the hotel and our room had two beds.  This was a major part of the hotel planning - two beds.  I love Meliss but it's best to just have our own beds.

I showered, rested for a second and realized my time in Paris was very short.  I started walking toward the Musée Nissim de Camondo which was conveniently near the hotel when I jumped for joy because I saw this place.

I bought a few macarons knowing that I could share them with Meliss that night.  I also ventured into the chocolates which was a very good move on my part.  This started a lovely tradition where chocolate was consumed at least once a day on this holiday. The French do chocolate very well.

Pierre Herme is one of my favorite places to buy macarons.  Such happiness.

I walked just a little further to find this museum of French decorative arts with a very sad history.  The owners were a very wealthy Jewish family.  Their son died fighting in World War I and the remaining family was killed in Aushwitz.  The house is still maintained as if it were a private home.  Looking through the photos of my first day in France I am reminded of the gorgeous colors everywhere I looked.

I don't remember the particulars of the home but I was struck by the blues in the furniture and rugs and the great care that was taken to decorate the home.

I loved the kitchen with all of the copper pots and pans.  Of course it reminds me of Downton Abbey as the dining room off of the kitchen was where the servants would have dined.

I walked through Parc Monceau where a great deal of Parisians were enjoying the sunshine.  I couldn't find the perfect point to capture just how many people were in the park.

I walked toward Rue Saint Honore to walk by Collette and a few of my other favorite stores and was surprised by the very long line at Christian Louboutin. I don't know why the line but I enjoyed checking out who was in it.

I was very happy to see the sites if only from a distance because I really wanted to get to Palais-Royal which is one of my favorite places in the city.  I couldn't sit as I had to get back to meet up with Meliss but the people watching made it perfect.

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