10 June 2014

Rock Creek Cemetery

Matt offered to take us on a tour of one of the local cemeteries after I told him how much I enjoy wandering through them.  We started with a picnic.

I really need to do a better job of taking photos of friends that aren't sitting directly across from me but I'm sometimes a little embarrassed about it.

Our first stop was to check out Evelyn Davis who believed in eternal life or is a vampire.  I haven't conducted any research on her but she sounds incredible. You can read more about her below.

The wife above was a descendant of Alexander Graham Bell.

There were some gorgeous statues throughout the cemetery.  And an interesting one below.  I found out later that Paul was a Democratic political strategist and died just before Clinton was elected in the election he was working on.  It's a very bittersweet memorial after I learned his story.

I found out that Alice Roosevelt Longworth was buried here and my friends made it their mission to find it.  I love my friends for their efforts.  I also love Alice and find her intriguing and witty.  

I know it can be considered odd to want to explore cemeteries.  I think I picked it up from my Dad who loved history.  There is so much history on how a civilization buried their loved ones and national heroes. I'm excited for my next trip to New York when I'm hoping to walk through a famous cemetery in the Bronx. 

Adam and Eve.

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