08 June 2014

Cookbook Club - Latin American Cuisine

Marissa hosted our April gathering and chose Latin America cuisine because of her own family ties to South America.  She sent us this link to recipes on the Food Network site and told us to choose whatever looked good.  I really wanted to make al pastor tacos but I knew the trip on the metro with the food wouldn't do it a lot of good.

We had an early dinner and it was one of those Saturdays where most of the people could attend.  I'm realizing how difficult that is especially as the summer begins.

I made the Frijoles Borrachos or drunken beans which I loved.  The recipe was not all that great because it did not specify soaking the beans but thankfully I knew enough to do that.  The beans were very easy to make and I loved the addition of bay leaves and beer.  It would be the perfect topping to nachos or burritos.  I think the group was surprised how much they liked them since they don't look all that special.  Now I know what beans at Mexican restaurants can taste like.

Julia made shrimp empanadas and yes, we did laugh at the fact that she made empanadas.  There is a well known restaurant in DC called Julia's Empanadas.  Julia made the beignets at a previous gathering and she is very good at frying which I am not.

Marissa made this dish with potatoes and eggs which I can't remember the name but it's a familiar dish to her from her family. Very tasty.

Anne made Salvadoran pupusas and did an excellent job considering she didn't have the pupusa press.  It's always fun to make recipes that we're not familiar with but it's very frustrating at the same time.

Megan made this delicious ceviche with squid and shrimp.  This was one of the hits of the night.  

The desserts look very white and not too interesting but they were incredible.  Jocelyn made tres leche cake and it was sweet and so good.  May made the passion fruit mousse as it was something she had eaten in London and wanted to try it. 

Everything was very good and I'd love to do more Latin America cooking with focusing on specific countries.  It's not a cuisine I eat too much of on the East Coast but I miss it.

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