03 April 2013

An Afternoon at Gramercy Tavern

Trish and I celebrated our March birthdays with lunch at Gramercy which is one of our favorite places in NYC and somewhere we've been before.  It's one of those restaurants that is always  wonderful. 

We started off by eating lots of vegetables - kale above and brussels sprouts below.  We were balancing out the main course.

Which turned out to be one of the best cheeseburgers I've ever had.  Even the condiments were fancy.

I'm posting the menu so you can see how crazy difficult it was for us to decide on what desserts to order.  We always share which kind of helps but it was a struggle to pick just two.  We went with the banana cream tart and the lemon icebox pie.  

I really love our meals at Gramercy.

I was also super happy to see the hyacinths out at Union Square market.  This was one of those moments that I was really sad to no longer have a home in the city with a vase waiting for these beauties.

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