03 November 2013

We Travel for Donuts Again - The First Night

Jenica and I decided to repeat a good thing.  I read about Federal Donuts in Philadelphia and knew that we had to visit.  I like Jenica for many reasons but one of the more important ones is her desire to travel for donuts.  But I try to make sure we have other things to do besides eating donuts.  We gathered up Debbie and Emily and hit the road last Friday afternoon.

Our dinner reservations was late that night and we were all hungry when arrived so we stopped at Capogiro to eat gelato before we even checked into the hotel.

I remember first finding this place close to 8 years ago and it made an impression.  I'm very happy whenever I have an opportunity to stop here.

I loved the Halloween effects but not as much as I loved my hazelnut chocolate scoop.

I love Jenica's happy face whenever she's eating food. 

We checked in and walked right across the street to Zahav where we were eating.  I had no idea that we would be that close.  We waited a little while but they sat us and brought us so much happiness with our food.

I can't remember exactly what we ordered as the online menu is not the same as the one we had that night but I do remember the hummus-tehina and the hummus-foul.  We couldn't get enough of either of these with the amazing laffa that kept showing up at our table.

We each ordered two dishes and it was the perfect amount.  One of mine was the duck kebab with pickled blueberries, corn and rose which I loved.

I definitely remember the fried cauliflower with labaneh, chive, dill, mint and garlic as it was my favorite.

And I loved them even more because they brought us free dessert to make up for our wait.  It was unexpected and wonderful.

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