26 May 2013

Kites, MLK, Easter

And I'm back.  I've been thinking about this site and collecting stories and pictures to post but I just haven't been sitting in front of my computer much in the past month.  But I still want to catch up since I was last here.

My nephew was in town Easter weekend with some of his friends.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of him actually smiling but he was here.  It was also the opening weekend of the cherry tree blossom festival where some of the trees were blossoming if not the cherry trees.  

The opening weekend is also the Kite Festival on the Mall.  I was there late in the day but there were still a lot of kites in the air.

This was weekend where I was able to not wear a coat for the first time after a very long winter.  I took advantage of it and called Phor who met up with me for a long walk.  I finally saw this monument which evokes some strong feelings from people and not all of it is positive.  It's still something that should be seen.

But this is only positive.  I love the sunsets in DC.

Easter wasn't a grand meal for us as Jon and his friend were traveling back to school but I made a frittata with bacon, feta, sweet potatoes, and onions, and a breakfast crumble with apples, pears and cranberries.  Happiness.

And happy Arrested Development day to all those who are binging on it today.  I'm going to take it slow and steady as it's taken a long time to get here.  It is a day for happiness for everyone.

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