28 November 2011

A Lovely Madrid Hotel

I wish I had taken a picture of the hotel as I rolled up in a taxi but I was just so happy to have finally arrived.  After a day at work, a taxi to JFK, waiting, a 6 hour red-eye with intermittent sleep, and a taxi driven by a hard rock listening Spaniard, I was so happy.  I was made even happier when they told me that my room was ready at 10 am.  I walked in and saw this very comfortable bed.

The room was clean and well designed.  I love living in this type of space, if even for only 24 hours.
I enjoyed the very large, well-tiled bathroom.

 And I saw this before I closed my eyes.

Thank you AC Palacio Del Retiro in Madrid.  It was my favorite hotel in Spain where I enjoyed the best night of sleep I had while on vacation.


  1. The ceiling alone is amazing. I have a thing for really beautiful ceilings. Mine is not quite so lovely, but it is a soft blue.